Release information
Limited edition double cassette (25 copies) + download
Released on Barreuh Records (bar-cas-066) on May 29, 2021

In homage to Thomas Ligotti, this piece is titled after a section from his book ‘The Conspiracy Against the Human Race’. In this book, Ligotti dives into the philosophy of pessimism and its implications for humanity. Thought attempts to take distance from sources of dread – only to circle back to them. Our bodies and the discomfort they may cause us. The uncanny and the mysteries around us we cannot seem to grasp. Who are we? Do we really understand ourselves?

These transient, elusive, and (quite frankly) strangely liberating aspects of existence are related to the experience of listening to drone music. Long-form minimalistic music can slip through our fingers once we try to hold on. Drone music invites us to ask what we expect from music and gives subtle pointers to how we approach the experience of listening. As is the case in meditation, we ‘sit’ with or in the experience. Like the breath, drones offer themselves to be perceived, persistent in their invitation to listen and immerse ourselves.

How are we listening? Who is really listening? Who goes there?

Listen on repeat at low volume.

Matthijs Kouw, December 2020

All music by Matthijs Kouw
Artwork by Janneke Baltussen
Layout by Véronique van Helden and Lilia Scheerder