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Released on esc.rec. (esc.rec.67) on December 9, 2019.

This is a recording of a live concert by Radboud Mens & Matthijs Kouw, using longstring, modular synth and church organ. Recorded on 29 May 2019 in Lebuinuskerk, Deventer, NL.

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Sound artists Radboud Mens and Matthijs Kouw have been working together since 2001. Over the last 5 years they have been working on minimalist compositions using longstrings and a modular synthesizer. In this live concert they also used a church organ. At first glance, nothing much seems to happen in these compositions. Listeners who immerse themselves in the music of Mens en Kouw will, however, be surprised by the rich character of the complex shifting sound layers, which lead to an intensive listening experience reminiscent of the work of composers such as La Monte Young, Eliane Radigue and Alvin Lucier.

Vondst and De Perifeer organize a series of concerts together, in the Lebuinus church. You are now listening to a recording of one of these concerts. In this series we hear and see artists that fit very well with this impressive location; in search of a contemplative and sometimes even meditative atmosphere that seamlessly connects with the cathedral space and the acoustics of this majestic location.

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Source: esc.rec. Bandcamp.

“The whole piece is a constant flux, changing and shifting all the time, and a true delight for all drone heads.” Vital Weekly 1212.

“Wie houdt van de meditatieve drones van √Čliane Radigue zal ook met deze postkaart de verlichting bereiken.” Gonzo Circus #156.

All music by Radboud Mens and Matthijs Kouw
Mastered by Radboud Mens
Photography by Niek Doup
Design by Harco Rutgers