Release information
Originally released as mp3 file on Adozen (adz001) on July 24, 2004
Reissued as download on MVK’s own imprint clinamen (C02) on April 5, 2018

Track for the ‘A Baker’s Dozen Part 1’ compilation on the Swiss netlabel Adozen (curated by Marc Zendrini and Luc Doebereiner), featuring I8U, O.S.T., Luc Doebereiner, [sic], and Tigrics.

The work is inspired by the work of French philosopher Gilbert Simondon, who defines transduction as “a physical, biological, mental, or social operation by means of which an activity propagates itself from one location to another (de proche en proche) within a given domain, basing this propagation on a structuring (structuration) of the domain operating from one place to another (de place en place): each region of the constituted structure serves the following region as a principle and model, as a beginning (amorce) of its constitution, so that a modification extends itself progressively at the same time as this structuring operation” (L’individuation psychique et collective, pp.24-25).

All music by Matthijs Kouw