An overview of various audio works (co-)produced by Matthijs Kouw, including installation pieces, scores for dance and theatre, music for film, and radio broadcasts.


Mani-fold (2009)

Site-specific audiovisual installation at the Kunstuitleen (art library) in Utrecht (Netherlands). A collaboration with Arlo Laibowitz that was made using only audio and video recorded on site. By using different degrees of manipulation of this source material and by playing with notions of the interior and exterior of the building in which the installation was located, the installation provoked reflection on ‘perspectivism’: all ideations take place from particular perspectives, and there are many possible conceptual schemes or perspectives in which judgment of truth or value can be made.

Für das Argument der Künste (2004)

Installation for a conference on art, ‘Für das Argument der Künste’, which took place at the University of Arts (Universität der Künste), Berlin, Germany in the winter of 2004. A CD with short pieces and a CD with longer drone-like pieces were mixed and played randomly, thereby creating new configurations of the material.

Untitled (2001)

Sound from a classroom were recorded using contact microphones and subsequently processed and streamed to the Internet. Different degrees of manipulation emphasized the role of the installation – from mute witness to active agent of change. The classroom itself with its assembly of listeners/sound producers became the instrument.

Music for dance

Plisé (2006)

Collaboration with Ina Senftleben (choreography). Performed in the summer of 2006 at the Wasserschloss Groß Leuthen (pictured above). The performance won a prize in a contest organized by the Rohkunstbau foundation and Theater Hebel am Ufer.

Untitled (2005)

Score for a performance piece by Ina Senftleben (choreography). Accompanied by drones, a procession of Russian girls (pictured) enters the room, holding lit candles, performing traditional Russian songs. The performance took place in a Bunker at the Flutgraben in Berlin, Germany, and was part of a larger exhibition called “Der Freie Wille” (the free will).

1…2…3…4… (2001)

Score for a butoh dance piece by Lisa Marie Patzer. First performed at the Bunt Port Theatre in Denver, Colorado and later displayed as a projected video piece. The work is based on a quote by Maria Prophetissa:

“In the beginning, there is always ONE. The ONE manifests into TWO which necessitates a THIRD. All together, ONE, TWO and THREE create a FOURTH.

The score was created using only metal as source material, emphasizing the mystical and alchemical characteristics of the performance.

Music for theatre

Kus van de Spinnevrouw (2002) (Kiss of the Spider Woman)
A play written in 1983, which was adapted from Manuel Puig’s novel ‘El beso de la mujer araña’ by the author himself. Performed several times in Utrecht (Netherlands) during the spring of 2002.

Music for film

Paranoia (2003)

Music for ‘Paranoia’ directed by Arlo Laibowitz. Recorded in collaboration with Martin Kloos and Lars Zwanepol.


Radio 100 (1999-2003)
Radio show on Amsterdam’s famous pirate radio station Radio 100 focusing on experimental electronic music. Guests on the show included Michael Northam, Yannick Dauby, Kim Cascone, and members of the Hactivist collective. Listen below or visit the archive of recorded broadcasts.