Release information
Limited edition 2CD (300 copies) + download
To be released on ERS (ERS CD008) on October 22, 2018

Radboud Mens and Matthijs Kouw continue their long-form drone explorations from ‘1’ (released February 2017) and ‘2’ (to be released in early 2019). Using a long string and modular synthesizer, they immerse the listener in a complex, vibrant, and sonically rich environment.


“If you want to dive even deeper into Radboud Mens‘ drone experiments: the collaboration with Matthijs Kouw (1, from 2017) gets no less than two follow-up editions: 2 and 3/4 – the latter being a 2-CD album. Due to production complexities the release order got unintentionally mixed up: 2 is now scheduled to be released early next year, while 3/4 is already available now. Be prepared for the more extreme minimalist drones, Eliane Radigue style, with Radboud playing long magnetic strings and analog filters and Matthijs playing modulars.”

Long Magnetic String, Effects [Analog Filters], Recorded By, Edited By, Mixed By, Mastered By: Radboud Mens
Modular Synthesizer: Matthijs Kouw
Design: Aldje van Meer


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